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a true alternative to the salary cap English Premier League fantasy leagues...with a draft!

draftEPL.com provides a draft style fantasy league for the English Premier League with some unique aspects from other EPL fantasy leagues. The key difference is the inclusion of a draft for each league. A player can only play for one team within your league. If you want him, you'll have to trade for him.

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there are two different styles of leagues to choose from

Rotisserie Style Game

Standard Style Game

Match your team head to head against others in your league. This style is similar to many NFL (American football) fantasy leagues. Start with a draft and then each week your fantasy team goes against another fantasy team in your league. Each week you win your matchup earns you 3 points towards your team's league standing. The fantasy team topping the table at the end of the season wins. Just get more points than your competitors. This style of league is the same as most of the other EPL fantasy leagues. The difference here is that you must be a member of a private league, and you must draft your player, so a player can only play for one team in that league.


Check out the FAQ Page or e-mail [email protected] if you have any questions.

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